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Here to Serve Ridgefield

The Economic & Community Development Commission for the Town of Ridgefield, CT, seeks to promote and implement orderly and planned economic development in keeping with the character of the town by involving interrelated agencies, commissions, boards and departments as well as Town residents.

Powers & duties

  • The Commission shall take active steps to promote, encourage, and induce desirable business and commercial firms to locate in the Town.


  • The Commission shall seek to act as liaison to organized private groups with respect to economic development.


  • The Commission shall consult with and advise appropriate departments and land use agencies of the Town on all phases of current business and corporate development in the Town.


  • The Commission shall make recommendations to appropriate local, regional, state and federal officials and agencies, boards and commissions regarding action to improve the Town’s economic condition and development.


  • The Commission may advertise and may prepare, print and distribute books, maps, charts and pamphlets and may collect, compile and disseminate information relative to the natural, economic and other resources of the Town which will further the official purposes of the Commission.


  • The Commission shall study and investigate the conditions affecting existing business and commerce in the Town and promote the preservation, expansion and development thereof within the Town.


  • The Commission shall conduct research into the economic conditions and trends in the Town.


  • The Commission may conduct public opinion surveys for the future use of land in the Town.


  • The Commission shall maintain an up-to-date inventory of all corporate, business and commercial land, both developed and undeveloped, as well as unused public land. Vacant corporate, business and commercial real estate shall be inventoried in as current a manner as possible.


  • The Commission may request, from time to time, such assistants, experts, technicians and professional help deemed necessary for the conduct of its work, the expenses of which shall be kept within the limits of any appropriation of funds made by the Town.

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