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The first in the state


Introducing Connecticut's First Cultural District!

So Much to See and Do in Ridgefield, CT

We're blushing a little. In May 2021, the Connecticut Office of the Arts designated Ridgefield as Connecticut's first Cultural District!


Walk, bike, or drive Ridgefield’s Cultural District. Enjoy arts, history, music, performance, and more. Plus, lots of mouthwatering dining options, and shopping, too. 


The vision of the Cultural District of Ridgefield is to be a thriving,  innovative, collaborative,  sustainable, inclusive, and diverse nonprofit and for-profit arts and culture community that serves as a driver of economic and social development for the entire town.


The mission of the Cultural District of Ridgefield is to act as an organizing and amplifying voice for the town's nonprofit  and for-profit artistic and cultural organizations.

We support, promote, and nurture our community’s creativity, resources, and vibrant arts & culture ethos.

We steward our district to unify its diverse makeup, attracting people to experience the historic and the contemporary, the visual and the  performing, while also supporting and sustaining the overall business community.

Ridgefield Cultural District

Experiences and businesses

Art. History. Performance. Experience the Ridgefield Cultural District

A Lively, Walkable Community

Ridgefield Cultural District

Map AND Attractions


Ridgefield's Cultural District awaits you. Take a stroll, see a show, experience some art and some history, or make beautiful music.  


And don't forget to grab a bite, have a drink, and drop by a shop or two!

Visit the outstanding places in the Cultural District

Plus, in-district arts-related businesses

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